Case # 1 (international)

This case study uses the complete version of the software program (Urbax 21 “City”) that includes in the model productive activities, existing inhabited neighbourhoods, environmental problems (contaminated soil, greenhouse gas emissions) as well as expansion into greenfield land.
Other than the local authority the roles include the housing association, three promoters, and two industrialists that must deal with urban issues and declining activities that will be decisive for the regeneration of the this town.
The case study is designed in a schematic way in order to simulate in a easy to use and simple format a town of 8,000 inhabitants which includes in a limited space all the urban problems: a historic centre in need of renovation, a pericentral district to restructure, an impoverished social housing area, industrial brownfield land, agricultural zones.
Given the limited financial resources of the local authority it must make the best of co-operation with the private actors who always have the option of investing elsewhere if the local urban policies do not please them.
This case study makes it possible to work on all the interactions of a town system as described in the “Model” tab.