Fees and conditions

The typical pattern for setting up a session is the following:

  • The organiser of the training session contacts the game leaders and establishes with them their remuneration and compensation for their expenses.
  • The user’s fee for the pedagogical product (downloadable), software + case study, is applied for each two or three-day session.

The rental fee is as follows:

  • 40 € (before tax) per trainee for the simplified module “New Districts”
  • 60 € (before tax) per trainee for the other versions.

Turnkey sessions can also be offered by partner organisations.

A permanent user’s license for the software program and one or several case studies can also be obtained from the publisher. The acquisition price will be calculated according to the organization’s area of operations and the projected yearly number of trainees. On average, the cost of license acquisition is paid back after four years of use.