The software program

The computer program accomplishes four tasks:

  • it simulates roles that are not being played: residents, applicants for dwellings, land owners, bankers, service firms and subcontractors (induced jobs), expropriation judges, land appraisers;
  • it gives on line information on the state of the system at any given time; to this end, it includes a consultation module and a geographical information system;
  • it does the accounting for the players and keeps records of all events;
  • it manages the progress of the game in a sequential manner, a year being represented by six successive phases:
    • land acquisition,
    • requests for building permits (planning permissions),
    • implementation of legal regulations: land use rules, contributions to financing of facilities (planning obligations), expropriation, etc.
    • housing market,
    • public and private investments,
    • spontaneous changes in the population and of the building fabric.